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ECU Remapping for Fuel Economy

When we think of engine tuning most people assume that the engine tuning is done for increased speed and acceleration. With the advent of the modern engine ECU we now also have the option of tuning engines to give better fuel efficiency. Tuning engines to improve MPG is quickly becoming one of the most common form of ECU remaps done in the UK today.

Expected gains after a ECU remap for economy

Diesel engines respond far better to ECU remapping in part because of the wider range of restrictions imposed by manufacturers to meet global markets that are not imposed on modern petrol engines. For more information about this read What is ECU Remapping.

  • MPG increased by 12% - 20% (you should be suspicious of anyone who quotes higher figures)
  • More torque (pulling power) at lower RPM
  • A more responsive throttle
  • Improved overall driving experience.

How ECU Remapping can improve MPG

The basics are: we remap the ECU to increase torque by up to 40%. We then change where within the engine rev range this torque is made available, in the case of fuel efficiency we make it available at lower engine RPM's. This enables you to change into a higher gear earlier without shuddering or stalling the engine. In technical terms we not only increase the amount of torque available, but we broaden the range of engine RPM where this torque is available.

A practical example of ECU Remapping saving fuel

Let us assume that prior to ECU remapping you needed to depress your accelerator 2 inches when in 4th gear to reach a speed of 40 miles per hour. After ECU remapping you now only have to depress your accelerator just over 1 inch while in 4th gear to reach the same speed and as we all know th eless you depress your accelerator the less fuel you will use.

Lets take this one step further. When getting to 40 MPH from a standing position you will have changed up through the gears, changing up one gear as the engine revs (engine torque) allows. After ECU remapping for improved fuel economy you can now change to a higher gear earlier and in doing so your accelerator is not depressed as much as it was prior to your ECU remap.

After having your engine's ECU remapped for fuel economy you simply learn to change your gear changing habits and depress your accelerator less to drive in the same style as you always have. The overall effect is that you will use less fuel.

IMPORTANT: If after having your engine ECU remapped you decide to use the extra torque to increase your acceleration and speed, you will not see the full gains that you could have expected after having your engine remapped for fuel efficiency. The biggest factor to effect fuel efficiency is driving style. Of course even when driving in a fuel efficient manor you will still have this extra engine power available if and when you need it.

Questions and more information about ECU Remapping for Fuel Efficiency.

If you would like to speak to an ECU remapping technician about ECU remapping in general or have specific questions about your own vehicle, then please contact us on any of the number found at the top of this page. You can also use our FREE Call Back service. Simply enter the number that you would like us to call you back on in the FREE Call Back panel found at the top right of this page and a ECU remapping technician will call you back at our expense.

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Price Guarantee

£199 - £225 maximum Guaranteed

Some within our industry will tempt you with ridiculously low prices for so called 'custom remaps' only for you to be told that unfortunately your car is different and as such will cost you more.

To show our true credentials we have launched our 'Fixed Price Range' Guarantee for all of our ECU Remapping products

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days of your ECU Remap your not completly satisfied we will replace the ECU remap upgrade with your original ECU software and give you your money back.

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May 14, 2013

Mr Evens : Ashford, Kent.

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May 14, 2013

Dan Marsh : Deal, Kent.

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12 Month Engine Warranty

We are so confindent about our ECU Remapping that we include a 12 month warrantly for your engine in with the price of your ECU Remap


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