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DPF Removal

 If you have seen the DPF light or DPF regen light and have been told that your DPF needs to be replaced you will already be aware of the cost of DPF replacement. Replacing a DPF can cost many £1000's. For example a DPF replacement for a Mercedes Sprinter will cost you in excess of £2000.

Apart from the cost of a replacement DPF there is also the benefit of your vehicle's performance being improved by removing the DPF.

What is a DPF?

DPF stands for 'Diesel Particulate Filter'. It is an in-line exhaust filter that is designed to remove particles of soot found in diesel exhaust gases. These particles are a by-product of the diesel combustion process which is not as efficient as the petrol combustion process. These particles are collected within the DPF via various catalytic / chemical attraction processes. As these particles collect they fill the filter. When a DPF filter is said to be 50% charged or loaded it means that the DPF is 50% full in terms of its total capacity for holding these particles.

DPF or DPF Regen Dashboard Light

The Engine Control Unit ( ECU ) received input signals from sensors found within or attached to the DPF that enable the ECU to monitor the charge or load of your DPF 'how full it is of particles'. At some pre determined level set within the MAP of your ECU your DPF Filter or DPF Regen light is activated. This informs the driver that the DPF needs to be regenerated, a process that is explained in the next section.

DPF Regeneration

DPF regeneration is the process of burning particles collected by the DPF, this turns these collected particles into 'ash' which has a lower volume than the particles of soot and hence reduces the charge or load within the DPF.

DPF regeneration is normally accomplished by increasing the exhaust gas temperature. This process is activated and controlled by the ECU and is referred to as the Regeneration Cycle. Over time the regeneration cycle becomes less efficient at reducing the DPF load / charge and the DPF will need to be replaced or removed.

Remapping the ECU after DPF Removal

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the ECU is remapped after the removal of the DPF. If the ECU is not remapped you will find that the ECU will keep trying to put the engine into DPF regeneration mode where more fuel is used and engine performance is reduced. Some companies simply disable the DPF regen dashboard light. This is NOT GOOD as it will cost you money and performance.

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